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Before we go on to the fifth reason why this is a cool watch, here's an interesting observation. Other than the Breitling Replica Watches Professional being Flight Qualified for all Manned Space Missions, by NASA, Omega never really brought the Breitling Replica Watches or any of its movements over to a certifying body to have its chronometry certified. Sure the Breitling Replica Watches proved itself in the heat of whatever had been thrown at it in its lifetime,swiss replica watches but a watchmaker's commitment to having a watch chronometer certified does instil a different sort of confidence.

So it was in 1992, when with the BA 148.0052, Omega introduced the third generation of manual-wound movement to be used in the Breitling Replica Watches that the brand also gave the world the first COSC certified manual-wound Speedy. This movement was the calibre 864.

Quick segue now to the gold MIR watches' story. From July 1993 through to July 1994, 35 Omega watches were brought up to spend 365 days aboard the MIR space station. There were 10 refence ST 145.0022.105.1 in steel with a leather strap, 18 pieces of the refence ST 345.0022.105 in steel with a steel bracelet, 5 pieces of the refence BA 145.0052.035A in gold with a leather strap and lastly, 2 pieces of the refence BA 345.0052.035 in gold on a gold bracelet.

The purpose in having the watches in the space station for such an extended period was to observe the long-term effect of zero gravity on mechanical movements. At the end of the year long experiment,Rolex Submariner Replica the watches were brought back to Omega and found to be working perfectly. Later, in 1995, the complete series of watches was sold off to the public to mark the Atlantis-MIR Russo-American rendez-vous from June 29 to July 3, 1995.